Top 10 Best Sites To Watch Anime For Free

Top 10 Best Sites To Watch Anime For Free

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Best Sites To Watch Anime For Free- Do you watch anime? Are you looking for a place to watch anime for free without spending any dollars? Here, we got you covered. There are many websites on the internet where you can watch anime for free.

Here are our top 10 best websites to watch anime online for free.

  1. 9anime
  2. GoGoAnime
  3. Kissanime
  4. Animeheaven
  5. Chia-Anime
  6. Anime Planet
  8. Soul Anime
  9. AnimeBam
  10. Animedao

1. 9anime- Top Anime Site

9anime and the official site of 9anime, official site
9anime Official Site

You certainly have heard of 9anime if you are an anime fan, for sure. It offers high-resolution videos, little ads, and quick updates, which are the reasons why fans choose it.

You can watch several series in HD and without any interrupting ad before the playing.

The latest episodes are updated as soon as the official release is made. You can search anime by genre, type, rate, and score, and comments by other viewers are also available on the introduction page.

The main con of 9anime is that you cannot download the series, which means you can only stream them online. 9anime has been qualified as the best sites to watch anime for the anime lover.

Visit Site Of 9anime

2. GoGoAnime-Best High-Quality Anime Site

GoGoAnime-Best High-Quality Anime Site, official site
GoGoAnime Official Site

GoGoAnime is an anime website that is available worldwide. It has seven servers to choose from to watch anime, which is certainly the best part of this website.

Hence, it gives a fantastic streaming user experience with varied options. It is a well organized anime website for fans featuring several collections from manga series to anime films.

It also includes dubbed episodes. If you are eager to learn Japanese or learning Japanese, you can find some episodes that are uploaded with the non-subtitle version.

Free downloading is possible on this website. Apart from these, it also has a chat room where you can interact with the community. In fact, we have concluded to keep GoGo Anime to keep in 2nd top best site to watch anime online.

Visit Site of GoGoAnime

3. Kissanime- Latest Top Rated Anime Site

Kissanime- Latest Top Rated Anime Site, official site
KissAnime Official Site

Kissanime has a sky-high number of fans and is highly recommendable for its popularity among anime buffs.

An array of anime episodes of different video resolution are uploaded for every anime fan. Both original and dubbed versions are available on this site.

You can also download the episode, but you need to register and sign in on the website. It also allows bookmarking a particular episode for viewing later on after you register.

Visit Site of KissAnime

4. Animeheaven- Best Free Anime Site

Animeheaven- Best Free Anime Site, official site
AnimeHeaven Official Site

Animeheaven has an attractive layout. There is more or less no advertisement, while anime series are nicely arranged within categories.

Some of the famous anime series they have are One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, and Naruto. It is easy to track down the latest episodes of almost all the ongoing shows.

The series is categorized with the release time, genre, and several episodes of the special series.  You can download all that you want from the website as long as they can be found.

Visit Site of AnimeHeaven

5. Chia-Anime- 9Anime Alternative Anime Site

Chia-Anime- 9Anime Alternative Anime Site, official site
Chia-Anime Official Site
  • Excellent website
  • Few pop-up ads
  • Episodes are arranged properly in the playlist
  • Provides a range of manga comics, anime movies, Anime Soundtrack

Chia-Anime is an excellent website if you love watching anime. All the anime series can be found on this site.

The pop-up ads are fewer as compared to other anime websites, which help this site gain a huge number of fans. All the episodes are arranged properly in the playlist for better user experience.

It also provides a range of manga comics, anime movies, and anime soundtracks.  Chia-Anime Is probably the best anime streaming sites online.

Visit Site of Chia-Anime

6. Anime-Planet- High-Quality Anime Site

Anime-Planet- High-Quality Anime Site official site
Anime-Planet Official Site
  • Offers a variety of anime
  • Legal Site
  • Fewer Ads
  • Great User Experience

Anime-Planet is a popular anime website as it offers a variety of anime. It is legal and has partnerships with many other video streaming websites.

Anime-Planet recommends your different series based on the kind of content you have watched. Compared to other free anime websites, it does not have a lot of advertisements. It is one of the best sites to watch anime due to these reasons.

Visit Site of Anime-Planet

7. Fastest Anime Site Fastest Anime Site, official site Official Site
  • Available all licensed U.S Anime
  • New Anime Series
  • Well Designed site
  • Not Available in all country
  • Verey fewer ads is a new anime website in the industry. The best part of this site is that is features all the licensed U.S anime movies.

It also contains several new anime series. It is a well-designed website with an attractive playback window. The episodes contain no advertisement at all.

The only major drawback of this site is that it does not stream in all countries.

Visit Site of

8. SOUL-ANIME- All Best Animes

SOUL-ANIME- All Best Animes, official site
Soul-Anime Official Site
  • Contain All popular series
  • User Friendly Homepage
  • Latest Anime Series
  • Easy Navigation of all anime series

Soul-anime is one of the anime websites that contains all the popular series like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Hunter X Hunter, etc. all at the same place.

The homepage is user-friendly and provides a better user experience by providing you with easy navigation of all the anime series episodes. You can anticipate the latest anime series on this website.

The website has a random anime button that suggests an anime recommended by the website.

Visit Site of Soul-Anime

9. AnimeBam- Secured Anime Site

AnimeBam- Secured Anime Site, on site view
AnimeBam Official Site
  • Huge Database
  • Simple And attractive
  • Easy to find anime
  • Excellent for beginner

AnimeBam has a vast database, and hence, you can expect to find all types of anime series on this site. It has a simple and attractive interface.

The website is pretty sorted and finding anime is easy. It is an excellent website for beginners because of its availability and options for different genres of anime. AnimeBam qualifies in the list of best anime streaming sites.

Visit Site of AnimeBam

10. Animedao- Top Anime Site

  • Provides Dubbed Anime Series
  • No Downloading features
  • Better Interface
  • Contain long list of anime series

If you are looking for a diverse anime series with genres from drama to action, animedao features a neat interface with a long list of anime series.

It also provides dubbed anime versions in a friendly way. The major disadvantage of this site is that downloading is not possible.

Visit Site of AnimeDao

How is 9Anime legal?

Anime sites are not legal but ts also not fully illegal according to the 9anime. This sounds confusing, but pirating is only illegal for the one hosting it.

9Anime is hosting the videos on Google and OpenLoad. So by this meaning 9anoime is not hosting any illegal content. Though, it is breaking the rules of both Google and OpenLoad, which turns 9Anime into a “gray website”.

So using the 9anime and similar site is not totally illegal for the users but it may turn into illegal if the illegal content is uploaded in those sites.

Is KissAnime is safe to use?

From the research and analysis, we have found that streaming anime on KissAnime is totally safe. KissAnime believe that they are totally from the malicious virus or any harmful code or virus.

But the users have to keep in mind that only visit the official site of any animes websites. In case if they visit a similar type of website then there is more chance of attack of the virus in your device.

Where to watch new and latest anime?

There are a lot of websites on the internet that let you stream anime for free but not all of them are free. The list above is some of the best sites that are free and do not cost you a single dollar.

Does KissAnime have an app?

KissAnime has an app but from the KissAnime company. Now the user can’t download the app from the KissAnime. They can download the app from the third-party site.

How to Watch Anime Without Ads?

As we love to watch the Anime shows and we are also able to watch that shows for a long duration of time. But when we watch we have to face a lot of Ads displaying on the videos. Which irritate us. So to watch anime without Ads we can install the chrome extension of ads Blocker in our desktop and if we are watching on our smartphone. Then we can simply watch it from the Opera browser or Brave browser and also we can enable the Ads blocker.

How to Download Anime

After streaming much anime, we plan to download anime to watch it later or in free time. So to download the anime, the particular website must allow you to download otherwise you won’t be able to download any anime. You can also use third-party websites to download such anime and can use the specific anime and site URL to download.

Features Of 9Anime

  • High-Resolution Videos
  • Little Ads
  • Latest Episode
  • Great Search Database

Features Of GoGoAnime

  • Available Worldwide
  • Great User Experience
  • Collections from manga series to anime films.
  • Free Download Features

Features Of KissAnime

  • Different Video Resolutions Available
  • Both original and dubbed versions are available
  • Video Download Features
  • Allow Bookmarking for viewing later

Features Of Animeheaven

  • Anime series are arranged on categories
  • Attractive Layout
  • Easy to track down the latest episodes
  • Download Features Available

9anime VS KissAnime

It offers high-resolution videosDifferent video resolution are uploaded
Little ads, and quick updatesUseful Ads for Users
You cannot download episodeYou can download episode
You can stream OnlineYou can stream and create account

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