Tab groups features rolls out in Google Chrom

Chrome’s Latest Tab Group feature rolls out next week.

Google Chrome is rolling out new “Tab Group” feature to let you manage your open tabs. The company has announced the launch of “tab group” feature for the beta version of its browser on 14th May. This feature will let you organize, label and even color-code your tabs for easy access.

The “Tab Group” feature is officially out in the beta channel and will start to make its way out with Chrome 83 next week.

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Tab Groups organize your tabs

To create a group, you can right-click on a tab at the top of your screen and select “Add to new group” or “Add to existing group” if already made. These groups are visually organized by color. Each group defaults to a grey dot at the left.

Chrome's Tab Group Feature 1

The company has been testing out the “tab groups” for several months now, as some of you know, and are finding new ways to keep it organized.

The company says they found that some people like to group their Chrome tabs by topic like grouping the tab by a project they are working on or a set of shopping and review sites. Some others may like to organize tabs by how urgent they are – “ASAP”, “later”, this week”, and “tonight”. Similarly, Google advises tab groups can be used to keep track of your work progress like “haven’t started”, “in progress”, “completed”, or “need to follow up”.

If you don’t like long names, you can also use emoji in the group’s label.

Chrome's Tab Group Feature 2

Tab Groups are now available in Google Chrome Beta for preview. The feature will be available for Chrome on the desktop across Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome OS when the updated version rolls out next week.

Nevertheless, Google says tab groups will be rolled out slowly to ensure Chrome’s stability and performance are not impacted.

If you are an impatient person and itching to use this new tab group feature, you can switch to the beta version or you can also enable it on Chrome 81 with the flag given below:

There is no mention about Android or iOS availability.

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