Google app gets official dark mode for Android and iOS rolling out from 19th May

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Google has finally announced the rollout of dark mode for Android and iOS. Google app is getting an official dark mode globally, letting Android and iOS users enable the feature within the app by the end of the week.

The app will automatically use the theme your operating system is already using, after the update, if you use Android or iOS 13. According to the tweet made by Google SearchLiaison, the feature is starting to roll out since yesterday but won’t be available globally until later this week.

Users will also be able to manually set the theme to your preference i.e. either light or dark mode by heading to the Google app’s settings. Using the in-app settings on Android 10 or iOS 13, you can also force one mode or the other if you don’t want the app to match the mode your operating system is using.

If dark mode is available to you on your device, you may see a pop-up on the main screen that says “Dark Theme is available” asking you if you want to activate it and navigates you to the settings for changing the app’s theme if you want, as 9to5Google says in its post.

Though the rollout of dark mode for all of Google’s app has been slow within last year, the company rolled out dark mode in a wide number of the stable app(like Gmail, Google Keep, Google Fit, YouTube, and many more) all the way back in October.

The beta users have had this feature even longer. If you’re using iOS or have just missed out on the rollout previously on Android, the dark mode should arrive on your device within the next week. Some apps like Google Maps are yet to get the dark mode.

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