acebook gaming launches tournaments for esports amateurs

Facebook Gaming Launched Esports Tournaments

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Facebook Gaming has launched tournaments for esports amateurs in early access all over the Facebook network. Due to COVID-19, Social Distancing is imposed in the maximum nation. So, Facebook believes that games can bring us together. Where facebook teased a new feature that lets users start or join an existing online gaming tournament.

Facebook gaming launches tournaments for esports amateurs
Facebook gaming launches tournaments for esports amateurs

How to create a Facebook Gaming Tournament

To create a tournament, all organizers need do is

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Head over to the Gaming Video section and select the Tournaments tab.
  3. Click “Create Tournament,” then “Add Tournament.”
  4. Fill the required details such as the game, schedule, and format.
  5. After adding a tournament, fill the required details for the Tournament event.
  6. Click “Create Tournament Event” to finish.

Most individual games can be combined with tournament events to create a larger event.

This tournament allows users to create and manage virtual tournaments in a variety of formats, from double elimination to round-robin, and aims to alleviate some of the stress of social disturbances. (Interestingly, this tournament was originally designed for a live gaming event.

For every type of tourney, the product is intended from casual to high-end esports play. It’s built directly into the Facebook gaming platform, which means creators can host fan tournaments and stream online too. Donations can be made directly to charities through the fundraiser of Facebook.

Originally designed as a tool to support live gaming events and tournaments, the company has been using Facebook Gaming Tournaments for the past few weeks to help people connect with friends, family, and community through friendly competition.

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Facebook Gaming Launched Esports Tournaments observing the current social distancing and to keep the people connected globally.


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