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Why Verification Badge For Facebook Page: 2020 Had Been So Popular Till Now?


10 Difficult Things About Verification Badge For Facebook Page: 2020.

Facebook has removed the gray verification badges from the business pages.

Moreover, if someone’s Facebook page is removed by the grey verification badge than you can Get Verification Badge for Facebook Page and page owner, who want a gray verification badge can apply now.

Blue verification badge, receiving by public figures, media companies, and brands.

After all processes, some Facebook pages did not get the grey verification badge.

Then the Facebook page owner can apply for a blue verification badge by submitting this contact form of Facebook.  

The Facebook page, which is under the category of under local business, company, or organization, then most of the page is eligible for a gray verification badge.

In fact, many readers who are reading this have seen the blue checkmark or tick on the celebrities’ profile photos on various social media networks.

Such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The blue checkmark is the sign of authentication and sign of trusted Facebook page,

which has verification from the grey verification badge.

However, in most of the case, the blue verification badges are readily available for the public figures, celebrities, and brands. In contrast, gray verification badges are for businesses and companies.

If some of the users want to verify their page, then they can do so from their page’s settings.

Note, however, that only pages with a profile and cover photo are eligible

If they own a Facebook page categorized under local business, company, and organization.

However, they do not have a profile or cover photo, then they can forget about it. They are not eligible for the badge. 

Follow these steps to verify Facebook page 2020 for the blue checkmark

To verify Facebook Page, start at the actual Page.

Although, Page owner can go to Page’s settings and then go to “General.” Here, page admin can see the option for “Page verification” if the Page is eligible and can get your Page verified.

verification badge for Facebook
Facebook Page Verification

In fact, The page admin can see the option for “instant” verification, or the next step will be a more lengthy verification process.

Facebook gives the option to have Facebook call your Page’s publicly listed phone number.

You’ll see a verification code, which you’ll enter into the box. Facebook provides you with space to input.

After all, the process of the verification, Then Facebook will award you with a gray checkmark (and eventually, potentially a blue one).

verification badge for Facebook 2020

Here are some steps which will help you to get verification badge for Facebook 2020

Verify Your Facebook Page with a Phone Number

Step 1: Go to Page Settings

Step 2: Go to Page Verification

From “General,” there is “Page Verification” and click “Edit.”

Step 3: Verify the Page

Click “Verify this Page.”

Step 4: Provide Business Phone Number

Click “Call Me Now.” Facebook calls the number you provided and give you your verification code.

Step 5: Enter Code to Verify

Please enter the code to verify your Facebook page.

Verify Your Facebook Page with a Document

Step 1: Verify with a Document

You can verify the page with a document by clicking “Verify this Page with documents instead.”

Step 2: Upload Document

Moreover, you can upload any proof of the business utility or phone bill, business license, business tax file, certificate of formation, or articles of incorporation that are issued from the government.

The information you share won’t share with the public.

Step 3: Wait

At last, you can receive a confirmation stating that the document you provided is under review.

You can hear from Facebook via email within a few days.

And you have done all the process and as sooner your will get your Facebook page verified.


Getting a Facebook page blue check is harder some time due to the legal papers. So please submit your real genuine documents. In this whole article, we have covered how to verify Facebook page 2020, and also about Facebook page blue check. I hope your business page also gets the verification badge for Facebook.

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